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Diet supplements for volleyball players

Here we write in english only

Diet supplements for volleyball players

Postby dreamer » 5 Jul 2009, o 15:47

What are good nutritional supplements for volleyball players? I am playing volleyball and looking for some good nutritional supplements to take to help me better my performance. If anyone has had success with a certain product or something, please tell me so I can know. Thank you.

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Re: Diet supplements for volleyball players

Postby feliciay » 12 Aug 2009, o 11:39

What diet pills are safest to take that wont mess with trying to become pregnant in the future? What are the safest diet pills? What diet pills are safest to take that wont mess with trying to become pregnant later? Ive heard some can make you have at least 3 miscarriage's before being able to carrying a healthy baby to full term.
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Re: Diet supplements for volleyball players

Postby ardeema » 10 Sep 2009, o 07:43

What's the best diet you tried that yielded you the greatest results and didn't make you crazy? I need to lose some weight-- about 40-50 pounds. I am intelligent and know that decreasing caloric intake and increasing my activity level will do that, but its so hard to stick to a diet when everyone else in the family isn't dieting. Any tricks or tips that I'm not aware of? Or do I have to just commit to Weight Watchers or another plan and also put my family on a diet as well?
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Re: Diet supplements for volleyball players

Postby Guilder » 10 Sep 2009, o 18:17

I know it's not what your're expecting, but try to visit a nutritionist. It really is the best way to loose your weight effectively. A few friends of mine did that, and it worked well. What's more, in my opinion it is easier to exercise much more than you used to, and eat just a little bit less than being lazy and starve. Eat five times a day, and make sure your meals are light. Avoid sweets nad fast-foods. That's all I can say at the moment, good luck. ;-)
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Re: Diet supplements for volleyball players

Postby hax00 » 13 Mar 2010, o 08:23

I also want to know the perfect diet supplement which have to decrease some fat for me, because I am so fatty....!!
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Re: Diet supplements for volleyball players

Postby agata35wozniak » 1 Dec 2016, o 07:47

me too..my arms and legs are big compared to other players.. :(
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